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Max Error
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A little more about Max Error and the Typos

The band is an AI art project using entirely AI tools to create visuals, lyrics, and music. Some tracks, Story lines, and artwork is made by humans.

Lyrics / Songwriting

All the song writing is done with a base prompt and a brainstormed lyrics from a human, ChatGPT helps optimize the lyrics for each song.


All images, and images are made using DALLE, MidJourney, or Other AI Image genorators. Videos genereated from Runway, Pika and other AI Video generators

Music / Genre

All music is produced using Udio Music. The music genres are chosen by the AI, mainly with sticking to pop punk, and pop music

EP Track list


Track 1

Dear Mr. Robo Overlord

Track 2

Lost Lanes To Vegas

Track 3

Field Goal Pup

Track 4

Snuffleupagus Smoke

Track 5

Leaves Need to be Blown?

Track 6

Welcome to the Dome

The next release from Max Error and the Typos, Coming Soon…